2008 Fellow Mohammed Seyedsayamdost selected for a 2014 Searle Scholar Award

Dr. Seyedsayamdost is one of fifteen researchers in the chemical and biological sciences named as a 2014 Searle Scholars. Each awardee receives $300,000 to support his or her work during the next three years. Dr. Seyedsayamdost's project is titled "Searching the Cryptic Metabolome for New Therapeutic Molecules".

        The final selection of scholars was based on recommendations made by the program’s Scientific Advisory Board consisting of 12 scientists distinguished for their research and leadership across a wide range of fields. In selecting the Scholars, the Scientific Advisory Board looked for scientists who have already demonstrated innovative research with the potential for making significant contributions to chemical and biological research over an extended period of time.

“Our scientific advisory board did a fantastic job identifying a set of bold young scientists who are bringing new technologies and new perspectives to address some of the biggest questions in the biomedical sciences,” said Searle Scientific Director Doug Fambrough. “Several of our new Scholars are focused on understanding the neuronal circuitry supporting complex computations such as those involved in forming memories and navigating through the world.  Others are elucidating the molecular dynamics involved in gene regulation, cell motility, and control of immunity. Still others are looking at fitness and evolution from new perspectives. These are difficult, stressful times for young scientists, with research funding severely limited, so it is with extra special joy that we are able to give a substantial boost to the careers of 15 of the very best.”