Sponsor Information

Why partner with LSRF to sponsor post-doctoral fellows?

The proof of our success is the accomplishments of our nearly 650 alumni over a 38 year period. The large and diverse peer review team, and the supervision of a distinguished advisory board guarantee selection of the highest quality young scientists at this crucial stage of their training. LSRF not only carries out the reviewing and selection process but also administers the program, all for the remarkably low overhead of less than 4%.

The process of selecting LSRF finalists

Deadline for applications is October 1 each year. The review process is completed by February. Details of the process including the names of the large review team can be found elsewhere on this web site. Each year we screen over 900 applications and choose 55-60 eligible finalists. These finalists are the highest quality young scientists in all areas of the life sciences. The number of finalists awarded funding depends on the success of securing sponsors for funding. We were able to fund 27 of 55 finalists from our 2018 class, 27 of 58 finalists from our 2019 class and 22 of 60 finalists from our 2020 class.

How LSRF matches sponsors with finalists

Once the selection committee has identified the top candidates as finalists, sponsors have the option of choosing whom they want to support. Should they choose this option, LSRF will send applications of finalists based on the sponsor’s research interests. Sponsors have no obligation to support any fellow whom they review.

Our sponsors

Our sponsors include research oriented pharmaceutical companies, a medical research organization, disease targeted foundations, basic research oriented foundations, individual philanthropists, and one government-granting agency. We are a perfect partner for anyone who above all wishes to support the highest quality research in the life sciences.

Current cost to sponsors

$70,000 per year for three years. Total of $210,000.
$57,000 per year is salary. This does not change over the award period.
$10,000 per year is a research allowance for exclusive use by the awardee.
$3,000 per year is kept by LSRF for our operating expenses (4%).
Awardees who terminate their funding early must return unexpended award funds to LSRF. LSRF will contact the sponsor to determine how to apply the unspent funds.

Sponsors are asked to fund the award in full if possible. Alternatively, LSRF will invoice a sponsor annually in July. The money is disbursed quarterly by LSRF to an authorized institutional official.

Additional benefits for sponsoring an LSRF fellow

Sponsors and their awardees are encouraged to meet. The awardee agrees to visit the sponsor for one day each year at the sponsor’s initiative.
All awardees attend the two and a half day LSRF Annual Meeting where they present their work either in the form of a poster (years one and two) or a short talk (year 3). LSRF officers and two guest speakers also attend. Sponsor representatives, the LSRF Advisory Board and LSRF Peer Review Committee are all invited to attend.

Use and limitations of fellowship

Use of the institutional allowance by fellow
Escrow fund
Eligibility of fellows and their host institutions
Patent policy

The Life Sciences Research Foundation is a non-profit, public foundation. All donations to the Foundation are tax-deductible and our tax ID# is: 52-1231801.