Stock Transfer Form

Thank you for your interest in making a contribution in the form of a Stock Transfer. Please note that you must initiate all securities donations with your broker and consult your broker to ensure that the stock is eligible for electronic delivery over the Deposit Trust Company (DTC) system. This is the fastest, most secure and cost effective method of donating securities. 100% of your donation supports our fellowship program.

Acknowledgment will be made in compliance with IRS regulations. Consult your tax advisor before making a charitable donation to any organization. Donation is made to: Life Sciences Research Foundation (EIN #52-1231801)

Specific Processing Procedures

Receiving Firm Name and Address:

Morgan Stanley
attn: Joseph Cirelli
650 South Exeter Street, Suite 1100
Baltimore, MD 21202


DTC Eligible Securities: Deliver to DTC Clearing Number 0015
Credit to Account 633-116173-273

Please complete the information below to notify us and help ensure that your gift is processed accurately.

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